Our Founder

Late Mr. Chandrasekar. M.SC., M.PHIL., M.ED

Mr. Chandrasekar is a passionate and driven individual with a deep-rooted commitment to provide education for rural peoples’.His desire to make a difference in the lives of underserved individuals led on a remarkable journey that would shape his purpose. From a young age, our founder showed a natural inclination for education and a genuine curiosity about the world. Witnessing the challenges faced by children in accessing quality education touched his heart profoundly. He started from humble beginning and his consummate dedication to educational excellence resulted in founding Laurel Senior Secondary School. His vision was to provide Sophisticated and contemporary style CBSE Education for Children from all backgrounds of smaller towns and cities.


Laurel Secondary School (CBSE) was started in the year 2006 June with the sole idea of taking CBSE to the rural mass. We started our classes up to VI standard with the total strength of 117(Boys 78 while girls 39). In 2007 – 08 our strength of students slowly started increasing. It was 162 where boys(102) out membered girls (60). We insist spoken English in our campus we made it mandatory for the teachers and students to speak in English. In this process we encouraged students to speak in English they know. A team of spoken English trainers were employed to train students. We slowly grew up in structure namely in 2008-09 our strength was 203 while in 2009 – 10 it touched just 209 mark. We got affiliation in the year 2009 – 10 as a result our strength shot up to 352 and now we are enjoying the strength of 486 students were 285 are boys and 201 are girls. As the strength slowly grew up, we simultaneously increased our infra structure. Now we have separate computer lab, physical science lab and biological lab . Enough seating arrangements are made for each and every student. Apart from those labs, we have English lab and well furnished library where at least 30 and above students can come and go through any material in any subject in a calm atmosphere

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The library is provided with a photo copy machine and when student asks for the print out, immediately librarian is instructed to provide them. In this computer lab we have 24 terminals (system) the whole class can come and do their spades work without any disturbance under the guidance of computer master. We have uninterrupted 3 band connectivity of internet for 24hours. We encourage students to use the lab for their project work along with library. We are proud to say that we academically strengthening our students everyday. The proof lies in the admission. Apart from academic stream, we take great care in providing extracurricular activities we have music class, smart class, dance class, yoga class, extra spoken English class. We have compulsory games from 3.10 pm to 4.10 pm every day, under the supervision of well trained physical education director. In the academic year 2011- 2012 our first batch of 10th students have taken to write 10th board examination. We have obtained 100% and also distinction in most of the subjects. Our well trained, devoted, hard work, faculty members personally attend each and every student to elicit maximum out of the students. We achieved 100% results in X board exam in the academic years 2011–12 , 2012-13 as well.

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